Inspirational Women Ms. Oprah Winfrey

Call me crazy if you’d like but I never miss “Oprah’s Life Class” or “Super Soul Sunday”.  I get excited when “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots” comes on the OWN network and I love “Sweetie Pie’s”!

Oprah Winfrey is a fascinating, incredibly inspirational woman to have been born into poverty and later unleash the power of such a well known brand—herself!  She reaches the world’s masses in such phenomenal ways including TV, radio, magazines, acting, book clubs, production company, philanthropist, you name it!  In some way, I’m sure you may have been a benefactor.  For me, she’s my intangible mentor.  I have a picture of her on my wall along with many others.  It helps me when I get tired and frustrated.

The way Ms. Winfrey opens her heart to others has been criticized by many but I think it’s positive, beautiful and with pure intentions.  No one person can save the world.  You can only do what you can do.  I say, when others strive for excellence and are blessed with their own platform then they can share in a manner in which makes them happy.

To be able to channel your life’s negatives into something positive and nurturing is what Ms. Winfrey has been able to do.  No form of sexual abuse has been able to hold her down.  It takes me back to what I love to say, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper…”



Inspirational Women Dr. Maya Angelou

I have written Oprah a zillion times requesting to make my dream come true! I just want to spend time with Maya Angelou. I look at her and I see parts of myself. I look at her and I am renewed by her strength and courage over and over again! Being raised in Stamps, Arkansas never limited her from being or doing anything she wanted to do! Becoming a single mom never stopped her either. When I think of her it automatically shuts down all my excuses. She was brutally compromised, she experienced all types of racism and there were moments were she felt awkward. Yet she still managed to become a graceful dancer and a timeless renaissance woman. She is exactly what I mean every time I use the term “unlimited”. Her passion far exceeds the ordinary.
As Women, we sometimes disregard our passion for the sake of routine monotony. We choose not to “stand up” or “stand out”. Maybe we are afraid being featured in life will take us places we’ve never been before. Maybe we only want to live on one side of the bridge. I hope not!
This year I’m asking women to become a vital part of their communities. If you are already a trailblazer, we want to know who you are and recognize you for your tireless efforts. You may not receive international acclaim, like Dr. Angelou but you still have an enormous purpose. Let’s celebrate it together! Bring your man if you’d like. Men need to see women, whole, organized, confident, beautiful, classy and ready to take on the world. Come see!
“100 “Women Stand Up! Existing in Favor and Creating the Life You Want Now!”

Ticket Sales go live on 09/01/13 Don’t Miss out! Check this blog often for updates and Bio’s of participants.

Inspirational Women First Lady Obama

It’s so amazing to see what God will do. What in the world does it feel like to be married to the President of the United States! I bet First Lady Obama never knew her role in life would be so important.
I love the approach her father and mother had her take, preparing her for greater. She grew up understanding hard work, physical obstacles and educational expectations.
All of us have “true callings” on our life. Sometimes it just doesn’t jump right out at you but you still have PURPOSE!
I’m excited to be a mother of two young girls. I am challenged everyday to be an outstanding example. First Lady Obama is an excellent mother! She leads by example as a great wife, lawyer and ambitious public servant.
I decided to write First Lady Obama a letter today, just to say THANK YOU! She gives me the courage to step out on faith and rally “100 Women Stand Up! Existing in Favor and Creating the Life You Want Now!”

Ticket Sales go live on 09/01/13 Don’t Miss out!